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Rekom is an independent waste manager, serving suppliers and buyers with sustainable solutions for converting waste into energy or new raw materials.

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  • Christina Moseng Telnes new Key Account Manager in Rekom

    Published 11.02.19

    In the fall of 2018 Rekom presented three new trainees. One of them was Christina Moseng Telnes. We have the pleasure of presenting her as Key Account Manager in Rekom. Read more

  • A warm welcome to our new, talented trainees!

    Published 03.10.18

    During the summer Rekom has hired three young and talented graduates. They are Christina Moseng Telnes, with a MSc in Environmental Engineering from NTNU, Fabian Lindseth Mæland and Sara Andreassen Søreide, who both holds MSc in Economics and Business Administration from NHH.Read more

  • Multi-Year contract with EAB

    Published 19.06.18

    Rekom AS has closed a multi-year RDF supply agreement with the waste-to-energy plant Energie Anlage Bernburg GmbH (EAB) which is part of the Tönsmeier group of companies. Read more

  • Rekom won the residual waste tender for Helgeland Avfallsforedling IKS (HAF).

    Published 11.05.18

    Rekom has won the tender for the collection and recovery of approximately 5.000 tons of residual waste annually for HAF. The energy recovery of the waste will take place in Sweden. The contract commenced April 1st, 2018 and lasts the next 3 years, with the possibility of 1 + 1-year extensions.Read more

  • Rekom won residual waste tender for Finnmark Miljøtjeneste AS (FIMIL).

    Published 30.04.18

    Rekom has won the tender for the collection and energy recovery of approximately 8.500 tons residual waste for FIMIL. The waste will be recovered in Sweden and the contract commenced April 1st, 2018. Rekom previously managed this contract from 2013 to 2018, and with this Rekom extends the collaboration until 2020, with an option of additional 1 + 1-year extensions.Read more

  • Rekom AS extends existing RDF contract in Germany.

    Published 27.04.18

    Rekom AS has extended the existing agreement with Returo Entsorgungs GmbH for energy recovery of RDF to MVA Bonn facility owned by Stadtwerke Bonn GmbH, until 2020. Rekom will deliver up to 10.000 tons yearly of baled and wrapped RDF in curtain side trailers.Read more