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Rekom’s goal is to reduce environmental problems and costs associated with waste disposal. We provide waste management solutions which are sustainable, both for the environment and for our customers’ economy. Research shows that the climate gain from material and energy recovery is significant compared to depositing waste in landfills, even if the waste has to be transported over longer distances.

Our staff is always up to date on the current environmental legislations of the countries in which we operate. This knowledge enables us to navigate steadily on behalf of our customers and provide solutions which comply with the relevant regulations for environment-friendly disposal.

We also demand high standards from our partners throughout the whole value chain, ensuring that everything from transport providers to recycling facilities are certified for their operations and deliver their services in accordance with current environmental legislation.

In Norway, Rekom has been a major contributor in the effort to change the Norwegian waste policy, and has been a driving force behind the shift from landfills to material and energy recovery. While nearly all waste was deposited in landfills 20 years ago, in 2012, 81 per cent of Norwegian waste (excluding hazardous waste and slightly contaminated waste) was recycled.