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Multi-Year contract with EAB

Rekom AS has closed a multi-year RDF supply agreement with the waste-to-energy plant Energie Anlage Bernburg GmbH (EAB) which is part of the Tönsmeier group of companies.

Published 19. June 2018

- We thank EAB for giving us the opportunity to close this contract to become one of the biggest supply agreement Rekom operates in the European market“, says Marcos Arizti, Business Development Manager. The EAB has been in operation since 2010 and recover ca. 450.000 t of RDF per year to produce steam in a climate friendly and resource saving way. The produced steam is used in the neighboring chemical plant as process steam and for electricity production. Dr. Stefan Bleckwehl, Managing Director at EAB, said “We’re pleased to close this multi-year contract with Rekom who is a very good and reliable partner for us.”