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New RDF supply contract – Vestforbrænding, Copenhagen

Rekom has signed a new RDF supply agreement, 30 000 tons per annum to one of the biggest combined and heat and power plants in the north of Europe, Vestforbrænding in Copenhagen.

Published 19. October 2015

In the process of selecting a partner for a suitable import of RDF, Vestforbrænding was in dialogue with a number of the leading waste management companies in the Nordic region, including Rekom. - Vestforbrænding would only enter into a agreement with a company who has great experience in importing of RDF, says  Per Wullf at Vestforbrænding. This is because logistic precision in the deliveries are of great importance for our daily operations, he states - We are concerned that all laws and regulations are followed, and especially important is that local environmental regulations in the handling of import waste are complied with. Vestforbrænding believes that Rekom will be able to live up to these requirements, and that they are competent and trustworthy partner says Per Wullf. - Rekom are very pleased, together with our partner EHJ Energy A/S supplying this contract to Vestforbrænding. This contract shows that Rekom AS and EHJ Energy A/S reinforces its position as a major player in the market, and we look forward to working with Vestforbrænding, says Peder Barrling, Head of Operations, Europe.