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Transport & logistics

Getting waste to the right destination at the right time is a challenging puzzle. In Rekom we have streamlined this demanding work.

Rekom has built up an extensive network of contacts within the transport industry throughout the years. Our larger and smaller logistical partners work every day to get rid of our customers’ waste in an efficient and safe manner, providing an excellent supply chain.

Together with our logistical partners Rekom offers transport solutions for road, rail and sea. We are constantly striving to develop new relationships in the transport market, as well as seeking new logistic solutions.

Transportation & logistics are a part of Rekom’s total offering. In addition, transportation services and support for import of waste are also offered as separate services. Please contact us for further information.

To achieve the most environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions, Rekom also operates in the return transportation market. This means that trucks, trains and ships delivering waste to a recycling facility do not return with empty cargo holds.