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Won tender for Sunnfjord Miljøverk IKS

Rekom has won the tender for the collection and treatment of residual waste for Sunnfjord Miljøverk IKS. The assignment involves the management of approximately 9,000 tonnes of residual waste annually. The contract lasts for three years with the possibility of extensions up to two years.

Published 16. January 2017

- We greatly appreciate having won this tender, and look forward to continue providing excellent services to Sunnfjord Miljøverk IKS in the coming years, says Head of Sales South/East/West in Rekom Ståle Gulestøl. Sunnfjord Miljøverk IKS is an inter-municipal company responsible for waste collection services in the Norwegian municipalities Askvoll, Fjaler, Førde, Gaular, Hyllestad, Jølster and Naustdal. Rekom has handled this mission for Sunnfjord Miljøverk IKS since 2010. There was a total of three bidders in the tender. In the announcement of the tender process, Sunnfjord Miljøverk IKS emphasized that they would choose the offer with the lowest price. The assignment involves an annual volume of approximately 9,000 tonnes of residual waste. The contract takes effect on April 1, 2017, and has a length of three years with the possibility of a one + one-year extension.