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About Rekom

Rekom is a service provider within the market for raw materials and energy recovery, and can offer transportation services, combustion with energy recovery and recycling services for a wide range of waste products. Our clients are Norwegian municipal and inter-municipal companies, as well as private operators in Scandinavia and Europe. We create values for our partners in a profitable, efficient and environmentally sound way.

Rekom AS is owned by municipalities and inter-municipal waste companies in Norway. We have operated in the Nordic waste-to-energy and recycling business for 15 years, and our success in Scandinavia has given us a basis for Rekom’s expansion into the European market.

Added values through Rekom:
• Long term agreements with suppliers and outlets
• Logistic solutions
• TFS support

The waste market is growing, and a further integration of geographic markets is expected as an EU landfill ban is being implemented.

Rekom’s core values:
• Positive and committed
• Courageous and creative
• Skilled and responsible