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Rekom strengthens the company and builds the organization for the future

The board and management in Rekom want to strengthen the company by adding expertise that will ensure good services for our customers and suppliers. The company has recruited this expertise from leading educational institutions in Norway and we now want to combine this with people who have significant industry experience. It is therefore a great pleasure to announce Peder Barrling as new sales manager for Rekom's downstream business.

Published 25. April 2019

Peder has extensive experience from the industry and has previously worked for TVL (Tekniska Verken in Linköping) as a purchaser of waste resources for energy recovery. It is a pleasant reunion for employees in Rekom as Peder has previously been employed by Rekom as head of the Europe initiative. Meanwhile, he has held various management positions in the logistics group Servistik. Erik-André Sølberg who is CMO in Rekom is very pleased to have Peder on the team: - Peder is a strong industry profile with knowledge of the core business of Rekom, which is processing and logistics. Erik-André Sølberg is now second in command in the company. -The board and management aim to strengthen the company in the future and the appointment of Peder Barrling is an important step forward, says Eirik Fjeldstad acting CEO in Rekom. In the future, the company will aim to recruit to regions where we can serve customers more closely and we are now present in Bergen, Bodø and Linköping